Empowering you to take back your life from stiffness, pain and mindlessness—so you can be vibrant, soulful and active, doing the activities you love for as long as you can.

This is what I’m about in my work, with a major emphasis on the empowering aspect, such that the theme of helping people to help themselves is the thread of continuity from my early work in High School education and Addictions Counseling, to my work as a Naprapath and Trager® Practitioner, and then, to my work as a Physical Therapist, and now, as I return to focusing my energies full-time in the wellness arena, drawing from my full background as a Physical Therapist, along with my specialties in the Trager Approach and TRE® [Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises].

I was already on this path of focusing on self-treatment when my Father told me the story of how he recovered from a disabling back problem that put him out of work at the time I was born. While awaiting the results of a diagnostic test that later confirmed that he had a major lumbar disc problem, he went to a Masseur for relief from pain and muscle spasms. When he informed the Masseur that he probably had a disc problem, the Masseur was reluctant, saying that he probably couldn’t help him.

My Father responded that all he wanted was some relief from the spasms, so that he could help himself. With earlier episodes, he had had some experience with Osteopathic spinal manipulation, so what he meant was that he wanted to get enough relief from the spasms to be able to explore how he could manipulate his own body.

He was so successful, that when he returned to get his test results, he was told to just continue doing whatever he had been doing on his own, despite the test results that warranted a recommendation for surgery. He continued throughout his life to intuitively explore how to maneuver his body in new ways as the pattern of any new pain changed, and he never needed further professional treatment, including massage. In a sense, then, I have it in my genes to focus on empowering people to help themselves.

Further inspiration for this thrust has come from each of the founders of the approaches in which I have pursued certification in professional training programs—Milton Trager, Moshe Feldenkrais, Yamuna Zake, Sue Hitzmann and David Berceli.  The work of each evolved out of their own work with themselves to live more vibrant and pain-free lives, doing the activities they loved for as long as they could.

Through my own experience with the movement approaches of the Trager Approach and the Feldenkrais Method®, becoming more mindful in my movement, I found my dancer within, discovering with delight my potential to move with so much greater ease and pleasure in everyday life than I ever imagined. During this period of time in the 80s, I became fascinated with how the word grace is commonly used to refer to an effortless and elegant way of moving, and also, to the life of God within. For me, moving with a sense of grace in ordinary movementeven if only in a very subtle way—uplifts my mind, heart and whole being, imbues me with a feeling of vibrancy, and draws me to wonder at the source of my life.  Hence, my thrill in coming up with sensing grace as my website address and business logo, as it is what my work and my life is about on the deepest level.

My use of tools to help myself, began with my own intuitive use of tennis balls and simple 8” balls that kids use. Then I discovered Yamuna® Body Rolling. It peeked my interest, because of its use of a variety of size balls in a systematic way. At the time I had severe mid-back pain with bending backward, a movement from which I had formerly found tremendous relief from the aches I would get from less than ideal posture. As I pursued professional training in this work, that pain resolved.

At a later time, I was introduced to the MELT Method® at a time when arthritis in my thumbs and wrists was seriously threatening my work doing manual therapy, my outdoor pursuits of camping and kayaking, basic activities in the kitchen, and even just being able to get on and off the floor without pain. Amazingly, the use of the MELT balls for the Hand treatment has restored my ability to do these activities without pain. My feet have also undergone major changes with the Foot treatment, decreasing my sensitivity to walking without shoes, enabling me to do without the bracing of arch supports, and improving my balance, among other things. As I’ve been able to incorporate the use of the MELT soft body rollers, my personal benefits have increased even further, giving me more confidence in my ability to do the vigorous outdoor activities I love for years to come.

I look forward to each day I’m blessed to be able to draw from the breadth of my training and experience to help others through pleasurable, gentle and natural means to find healing and self-empowerment.