Your needs and your interests come first!


My fundamental approach is to listen to your story – in the Initial session, and more briefly at the beginning of each session.

  • Why you are coming to me and what you are hoping to get from working with me?
  • What you are experiencing—any tension, pain, stiffness or difficulties with doing the activities in daily life that you need to do and/or love to do?
  • How much you long for an intensely pleasurable experience?
  • How important learning self-treatment techniques is to you?
  • Your history – injuries, pain conditions, medical conditions, surgeries, medical treatment, self-treatment?
  • Your restrictions with respect to time and money?
  • What you’re experience has been like since the last session? (For subsequent sessions)

After learning from you in this way, we will discuss the various options and how you might benefit from each one.

  • The specific approaches I could use
  • What might be involved in the various self-treatment and home exercise programs I might recommend
  • The commitment of time and money that might be needed to achieve your goals

Along with unique skills in the Trager Approach and the MELT Method, I have a wealth of training and experience from which to draw in my work with you – so, I’m not wedded to these approaches alone.

I don’t promise or perform ‘miracles’, but working together – my doing my part and you doing your part – we can make a significant difference in your enjoyment of life, doing the things you need or love to do, perhaps with more of the delight reflected in this poem.

There is a way of being
Which is lighter
Which is freer

A way in which work
As well as play
Becomes a dance
And living a song
We can learn this way

— Milton Trager

We can work together in a variety of ways in individual or group sessions.

Individual sessions – in the Norwood Park neighborhood of Chicago, in your home, or possibly in your fitness center (when you want help with the use of their equipment and appropriate permission is obtained from the center’s management staff)

  • tablework for the Trager Approach and/or other soft tissue mobilization and spinal mobilization techniques, usually to also involve some instruction in self-treatment or home exercises
  • entire session can be focused on self-treatment and home exercises
  • for those who are mostly bed-ridden or in Hospice care -- very gentle, comforting  hands-on work can be done in their bed or chair within their home.  Instruction can also be provided to Caregivers who are seeking more ways to use gentle, comforting touch in the care of their loved one.

Professional, client and self-referrals are always welcome.
Gift Certificates are also available.


Group sessions for instruction in Trager Mentastics, the MELT Method, or instruction or presentations focused on Vestibular / Balance Training or a variety of other topics related to health, wellness and fitness

  • scheduled as part of the programs in fitness centers or various community centers
  • organized and sponsored by myself in a rented space
  • organized by individuals, with family or friends, or groups with which they are affiliated
  • in corporate/industrial settings to reduce repetitive stress syndromes and improve overall well-being

New opportunities for doing group work are always welcome, especially because it enables me to provide more affordable services.


There may be occasions when I don’t believe I’m the best practitioner to meet your needs.  That may be after initially listening to your story, or it might be after we have worked together for a while, and you seemed to have benefited  as much as you can from my work.  More often, it may be when you have Insurance and your financial resources are limited, and I believe you could benefit from services in a Physical Therapy setting where they do accept Insurance.

In each of these cases, your needs and your interests come first!  I will do my best to give you a good referral. And in some cases, you may be appropriate for my services after first receiving services from another practitioner. These are all included in the options I would discuss with you after listening to your story, initially, and at the beginning of each session.