Are you limited in doing the things you love or need to do by chronic pain and stiffness?

Do you need a more affordable way of working with your chronic pain and stiffness
than regular physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic or acupuncture sessions?

Are you willing to spend some time to help yourself to get pain relief,
improve your body sense,
improve your balance, and improve your performance in athletic activities?


What really causes pain to become chronic?

                  Stuck stress  =  Dehydration of the connective tissue / fascia

  • Repetition of daily living causes our connective tissue system to break down on a cellular level
  • This causes our body’s natural efficiency and stability to decline
  • Connective tissue is everywhere, from your skin to your bones, in and around every muscle, joint, and organ
  • Connective tissue is a 3-dimensional support system that keeps everything in your body stable, balanced, and connected. It keeps your skin toned, your muscles balanced, it gives your joints shock absorption, and keeps your organs suspended properly, so they function efficiently
  • This cellular dehydration is a natural process that happens to every person, every day

Early stages of stuck stress—pre-pain signals—stiffness upon awakening or after not moving for a period of time.

Accumulation of stuck stress causes the most common symptoms associated with aging and disease

  • It decreases your body’s natural ability to remain efficient, resulting in increased fatigue & sleeping problems
  • Sleep is when you heal, so when you don’t sleep soundly, you wake up with even more accumulated stuck stress


The MELT Method® is a revolutionary self-treatment approach to pain-free wellness and longevity that addresses stuck stress by rehydrating the connective tissue and rebalancing the nervous system.  It is a form of Hands-off Bodywork™, that does not cause pain in order to relieve pain. It involves the use of small balls—two different sizes and two different densities—for treatment through the hands and feet, and a soft foam roller when working through other parts of the body.

The MELT Method was created by Sue Hitzmann, MS, CST, NMT as the culmination of decades of practice, research, and study of connective tissue science and complementary therapies.  She is a nationally recognized somatic-movement educator and manual therapist. While at the height of her earlier career as an international fitness presenter and instructor, Sue began to experience debilitating pain in her foot which threatened her career and quality of life.  She learned the hard way that diet, exercise and muscular strength are not the foundation of a healthy pain-free body.

In her quest to live an active, pain-free life, she became fascinated by the emerging science of connective tissue, or fascia, and eventually, realized that it is connective tissue dehydration that is the underlying cause of the daily aches, stiffness and strain that leads to pain, as well as weight gain, sleep problems, and many other seemingly unrelated issues.  Sue initially developed expertise in hands-on bodywork to effectively deal with connective tissue dehydration. She then gradually developed the MELT Method to work effectively with herself and to give her clients homework to be able to help themselves.

Listen to how Sue Hitzmann talks about MELT as the missing link to pain-free living.