The Melt Method book

For those who want in depth information, in early 2013, Sue Hitzmann published The MELT Method book that is now being translated into several languages, and is currently the #1 best seller on Amazon in the Pain Management category.  The 2nd Printing is now available with a new cover (not yet pictured here).  This book is available in some Libraries and in Book Stores, but is available at the best price on Amazon, but at no additional price with the Super Bundle from Ginger or The MELT Store.

In The MELT Method, you’ll learn:

  • the new science behind how MELT works, what really causes pain, and how you can become pain-free—even if you have a longstanding or chronic pain issue
  • how to MELT by following easy, step-by-step directions and photographs to get immediate, long-lasting results
  • how to become your own Hands-off Bodyworker, no matter what your level of fitness
  • self-care plans specifically designed for chronic pain, pregnancy and postpartum, illness, injury, surgery, diseases and disorders (such as cancer, MS, Parkinson's, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue syndrome), as well as proactive wellness
  • treatments for trigger finger, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, and neuromas

See the Amazon website for close to 500 customer reviews of the book. Some people purchase the book to try to learn the method without personal instruction, others to help them decide whether they want to take a class and/or purchase the products, and others to use as an additional resource while they are taking a class or receiving individual sessions.

Melt Products

You can obtain the MELT products directly from Ginger at the current Retail Prices set by The MELT Store rounded to the nearest dollar, but you would pay additional shipping charges when ordering online.  For the Bundled Prices, there is some addition to the MELT Store Bundled retail price, but these prices don't add as much as the added shipping when ordering from The MELT Store. Note that when ordering the Super Bundle, you will be getting the book for no additional charge to the combined charge of each of the smaller bundles.

Individual Items:

The MELT Method (Book) - $20 (Retail price - $25.99)

Hand & Foot Kit - $50

Hand & Foot Treatments DVD (2 new discs) - $ 20 

Full Roller - $70

MELT Method DVD (3 discs on Roller work) - $30

Half Roller - $45 (needed for specific needs)

Bundled Prices:

Hand & Foot Kit with New Hand & Foot Treatment DVD (2) - $65

 Full Roller + MELT Method DVD (3) - $ 95

Super Bundle:  MELT Method book + Hand & Foot Kit + Hand & Foot Treatment DVD (2) + Full Roller + MELT Method DVD - $160 

Please follow the links to The MELT Store for a detailed description of each product.

I will match any advertised prices for these products (except for the Book), as long as they are sold by The MELT Store, other Practitioners or through Amazon (sold by the MELT Method).  For the Bundles, the match applies to the Bundled price plus shipping.

For those enrolled in my classes or who are individual clients, the Bundled prices will be given even when the products are obtained separately.

Payment is to be made with Cash or Check made out to Ginger Carney.


CAUTION: Be very careful about MELT products advertised on line, except for the book,
 as these are often not genuine
MELT products and not suitable for the work.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to get in touch.